Terracotta Handbuilding

Traditional hand-building pottery uses terracotta clay and hand-building techniques that only rely on hand strength and accuracy. This technique has been used by Indonesians for hundreds of years to make handicrafts from plates, glasses, and even tiles

This activity is suitable for those of you who like handicrafts or handmade art. can be done by people aged 6 years to adult

WHEN — Thursday, 30th March 2023 from 05:00 pm
WHERE — Kinship Studio Bali
PRICE — 300k pp - Include 1kg of clay

Additional Notes:

  • We are located on Gg Jalak VI B. You can find us on Google maps listed as Kinship Studio Bali, with access from Raya Semat. There is parking for bikes onsite but no, unfortunately, no parking for cars. We recommend taking a Gojek or grab.